About 1838 ProjectX

About 1838 ProjectX

Murray Lawrence

Principal/Senior Tech.

1838 ProjectX DIV of 1838766 ALBERTA LTD.

The genesis of my company and the driving force behind my business venture, particularly in the design and construction sectors, traces back to a blend of personal inspiration and valuable experience. Being a natural leader, I held an unwavering aspiration to pioneer a venture that not only harmonizes with my passions but also leverages my expertise in the realms of design and construction.

The story has roots in familial influence as well. My father's decision to close our family-run business left an indelible mark on me. Although I was relatively young and less experienced at the time of his business closure, I harbored a strong desire to resurrect a similar enterprise when I reached a point of greater maturity and proficiency through post-secondary education.

Situated in both Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta, I founded my independent consulting venture back in 1989 and formalized its incorporation in 2014. This geographical duality positions me strategically to serve a broader spectrum of clients, reflecting my commitment to delivering exceptional services across multiple locations.

Our Mission

Our mission is centered around providing comprehensive design, drafting, and construction services that cater to the specific needs of your clients. It includes creating detailed plans for new construction and renovation projects while serving diverse sectors such as commercial and residential, focusing on meeting the needs of individuals aged 50-65, small developers, not-for-profit organizations, registered architects, and second or third-time home buyers. We offer expertise, guidance, and management to ensure successful project outcomes that align with regulations and safety standards.

1838 ProjectX renders design and drafting services for new construction and renovation projects in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Vancouver, British Columbia.